Helpful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several keyboard shortcuts that exist that can help you with your day to day work.  The Windows key has this logo: .

Copy a selected item

Ctrl + C

Cut a selected item

Ctrl + X

Paste a selected item

Ctrl + V

Undo an action

Ctrl + Z

Redo what was just undone

Ctrl + Y

Select All

Ctrl + A


Ctrl + P

Switch Open Windows

Alt + Tab

Show Desktop, minimizing all windows

 Windows Key + D

Minimize active window

Windows Key + Down Arrow

Maximize window

Windows Key + Up Arrow

Shift open window to your second monitor

 Windows Key    + Shift + Right/Left Arrow

Zoom in or out on a window

Windows Key + Plus/Minus sign

Search for files and folders

Windows Key + F

Lock your Computer

Windows Key + L

Open closed tab in web browser

Ctrl + Shift + T

Convenient Excel Tools : Auto Fill Options

The Auto Fill Options feature is yet another life-changing tool for those who haven’t seen it before. I work in the excel program on a daily basis, and this feature is a huge time saver for me. Here are a few examples of how this function works:

Example 1: I currently have a date written in a cell.


I want to drag that date down multiple rows to reflect the whole month of June. To do this, I perform the following steps:

1.) Click on the cell that you want to expand. This will highlight the box with a black square. Hover over the lower right corner and drag the cell down to your desired row.

2.) Once you’ve done that, the dates should appear in sequential order.



Example 2: Let’s say, I decide that I no longer want those cells to reflect the dates for the whole month. Let’s pretend that I want those cells to reflect same date on multiple rows (6/1/2013). Here’s an easy way to change those cells without having to re-type the dates:

1.) There will be a little box that appears on the lower right hand corner of the row of cells that you just dragged down. It’s called the Auto-Fill Options box.



2.) Click the box. You have the option to do the following:

–          Copy Cells

–          Fill series

–          Fill formatting only

–          Fill without formatting

–          Fills days

–          Fill weekdays

–          Fill months

–          Fill years

Pretty neat, right? It’s a definite time-saver when you’re working in spreadsheets.

How To Locate Your Computer’s Serial Number

Before you go crawling on the floor to look for your computer’s serial number, read these steps first! There’s a much easier way!

1.) Click on your “start” menu

2.) Type in “CMD” in the search bar and click on it once the search has found it.

3.) A black box will appear on your screen with your computer’s credentials listed. Click inside that black box and type the following (without the quotation marks):

“wmic bios get serialnumber”

4.) Click enter. The serial number should pop up immediately after.



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