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CharTec Academy

MSP Training

What is Academy?

The CharTec Academy is a two-day comprehensive MSP training event for CharTec Partners to attend a variety of business enhancement training sessions designed to accelerate the success of their companies.  From best practices in MSP sales and business operations to specific technical learning labs to HR and Accounting, CharTec offers sessions for every person in every department of your MSP.  A sampling of sessions you can attend include:

  • Revamping Your Sales Presentation to Create the Close
  • Sales Secrets and Uncovering Untapped Revenue
  • Finding and Motivating the Right Employees for Your MSP
  • Best Practices on RMM Deployment, Automation, Alerting, and Monitoring
  • The Art of Ticket Triage and Service Management Using ConnectWise™
  • Easily Onboarding New MS Clients
  • How to Perform the Best Network Discovery
  • Creating and Tracking Marketing ROI through ConnectWise™


What Makes Academy Different

Unlike other events that are at a hotel or convention center, CharTec designed and built the largest MSP training facility in North America, where you get VIP access to each department at a real-time, working MSP.  This access allows you to see how the training you receive can play out in real life.  Academy trainings take place on site at our own MSP, ARRC Technology — a 20-year-old award-winning, multimillion dollar master MSP practice listed four times on the INC 500/5000.  Take a moment and talk to our technical, marketing, and sales teams to learn tips and tricks and best practices.  Grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and ask us your questions.  No staff member is off limits.

MSP Training Academy


Additional Perks

  • Private Gym
  • Massage Therapists
  • Excellent Cuisine
  • Keys to the Castle
  • Peer Groups
  • Certified Prometric and Pearson Vue Testing Center

IT Managed Services Training

Helpful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several keyboard shortcuts that exist that can help you with your day to day work.  The Windows key has this logo: .

Copy a selected item

Ctrl + C

Cut a selected item

Ctrl + X

Paste a selected item

Ctrl + V

Undo an action

Ctrl + Z

Redo what was just undone

Ctrl + Y

Select All

Ctrl + A


Ctrl + P

Switch Open Windows

Alt + Tab

Show Desktop, minimizing all windows

 Windows Key + D

Minimize active window

Windows Key + Down Arrow

Maximize window

Windows Key + Up Arrow

Shift open window to your second monitor

 Windows Key    + Shift + Right/Left Arrow

Zoom in or out on a window

Windows Key + Plus/Minus sign

Search for files and folders

Windows Key + F

Lock your Computer

Windows Key + L

Open closed tab in web browser

Ctrl + Shift + T



"I got the support I needed quickly and efficiently. It was, of course, another good experience with AnyIT. AnyIT provides a very good service and our company is better because of it."
Mark E Kerin, The Kerin Agency

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