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ANYIT is a (MSP) Managed Service Provider. With our technology, we are able to offer our services across the globe, however concentrate our core in the New England area. (Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island) ANYIT was created with the a mission, provide better services and service levels than any internal or corporate IT Department can provide, and provide it to the (SMB) Small Medium Business market. This is made possible with a team assembled of top educated, highly motivated, seasoned professionals with decades of knowledge and experience.

With a gamut of other service providers, managed service providers, and IT imitators out their why chose ANYIT? This should be the first question any business should ask before putting their entire business and infrastructure in the hands of anyone. ANYIT answers with technology, process, accountability, integrity, knowledge, experience.

AnyIT  is a (MSP) Managed Service Provider founded in 2006 with the vision of enabling small businesses across the country to use technology to more effectively grow, manage and protect their business.

AnyIT provides a suite of IT support and management services, cloud computing,data backup and IT project services backed by a service team that is available 24/7, with nationwide service delivered from three service centers in Boston, Denver and Los Angeles.


Mark E Kerin, CEO,  The Kerin Agency, Inc.
“Being a small company with limited resources, we’ve found the entire AnyIT team to be great partners when facing any technology issues and challenges. They consistently provide excellent desktop support as well as valuable advice in recommending appropriate technology solutions.”

AnyIT’s Purpose:

Our purpose is to enrich the world we live in by spreading the spirit, principles, and values of entrepreneurship and personal development to everyone we come in contact with.

At AnyIT, we think that entrepreneurs are the answer.

What’s the question? Good question!

We believe that entrepreneurship has the greatest potential to make the world a better place. No other idea has such a rich combination of personal development, personal accountability, and economic self-sufficiency – so just about any question will do!

We’re going to do our part by spreading the entrepreneurial spirit with anyone that will listen.

AnyIT’s Core Values:

  • Bring the entrepreneurial spirit to everything we do
  • Put people first
  • Strive for constant and never-ending improvement



"I got the support I needed quickly and efficiently. It was, of course, another good experience with AnyIT. AnyIT provides a very good service and our company is better because of it."
Mark E Kerin, The Kerin Agency

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