Disaster Recovery Planning

One of the most forgotten and least talked about topics in most businesses is what do we have now, how is it configured, and what do we do if something goes wrong? ANYIT solves all of these questions with different depths as needed. Some companies know how they plan to handle if they have an issue with their physical location, but do not have documentation on what they have or how it is setup. ANYIT provides a complete look at your network from firewalls, switches, routers, servers, desktops, laptops, printers, software, etc. We don’t just give you a list of assets but a detailed description of assets, software installed, copies of licensing, and how they are configured. While having a plan or documentation is a step in the right direction, ANYIT goes a step further by discussing your needs and plans then documents and tests them in real world situations. This type of testing is the only true way to know what will happen and how fast or well it would work. While this plan will be tailored specific for your company a good plan is one that is constantly updated to align with changes in business and business needs change. (See white paper on DR and how often tape based backup fails)



"I got the support I needed quickly and efficiently. It was, of course, another good experience with AnyIT. AnyIT provides a very good service and our company is better because of it."
Mark E Kerin, The Kerin Agency

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