CloudVault for Business backs up and stores your company’s files offsite in military-grade data centers.

CloudVault for Business is designed to be easy to implement in any office environment. Upon creating an account, IT administrators and managers will instantly have access to the centralized management system – which we call the Dashboard.

Starting your company’s backups

Log in to the Dashboard with your credentials you create during purchase.
Create your first account.
Start downloading the software.

Create accounts, monitor backups, and report from a single centralized management system

  1. Create accounts: Create accounts, define account size, and username for each device in the company.
  2. Monitor backups: Monitor the success and frequency of backups in your company with a simple green light, yellow light, and red light indicator.
  3. Reporting on backups: Set up daily reporting for all of the user accounts in your company. You’ll have a quick view of all successful backups; any failed backups, and is able to view the details of the backups in the portal.

Recovering your data with CloudVault for Business

We’re not just here to backup your data, we’re here to get it back for you when you need it. The CloudVault for Business online backup interface also guides you through simple recovery for servers, desktops, laptops, Androids, and iPhones.

  1. Recover files & folders:  CloudVault Online Backup’s award-winning file and folder backup solution allows you to recover files and folders by date of backup for the life of your account
  2. Recover desktops, laptops: Use the online backup & recovery manager to recover PCs and Macs
  3. Recover mobile devices: Whether Android or iPhone, your mobile devices are safely recovered with CloudVault Online Backup



"I got the support I needed quickly and efficiently. It was, of course, another good experience with AnyIT. AnyIT provides a very good service and our company is better because of it."
Mark E Kerin, The Kerin Agency

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